Cheonggyecheon Radio Explorers


Seoul Sewoon Project


education, workshop


November 15, 2019


Cheonggyecheon Radio Explorers explores the history, technology, and city by regenerating the cristal radio of that time before Cheonggyecheon Electronics Shopping Center was built. Electronic technicians in the Cheonggyecheon made radios with a strange stone (Galena) picked up from a junk shop in Jangsa-dong and a diode dismantled from a radio, they were amazed at how it made a sound! Radio technology led them to spend their youth and devote their lives to the “electronics” market. Not only technicians but also curious children who learned the principle by making it themselves at that time have produced it at least once. “Stone Radio” is back! As it was then, you can make four versions of radio which are modified to detect the current radio environment during a 4-part workshop. You can also examine the rise and fall of electronic technology and electronic parts, and even their lives and old technologies in the new media.

Radio Workshop

1. Radio Stone Age, the beginning was a stone!

- the usage of minerals

There was “The Stone Age” on the radio. Let’s make a crystal radio of that time when people listen to radio broadcasts with stones that catch signals from radio waves without batteries. Instead of power, let’s make the simplest form of radio that only one could listen to with the receiver of the time.

Radio Workshop

2. Radio Cheonggyecheon Age, knocking off electronic shopping mall

- diode and variable capacitor

As specialized electronic shopping malls were located in the Cheonggyecheon area and various electronic parts began to be distributed, cristal radio was also improved by detecting with diodes and tunning with variable capacitors. Let’s visit various parts stores, and repair shops in Cheonggyecheon Electronics Shopping Center to look into the history of the electronic shopping mall, and make a crystal radio at that time while getting and learning electronic parts of the time.

Radio Workshop

3. The Age of radio, catching the radio wave

- antenna and IC chip

At that time, crystal radio is usable not because of its high performance, but because there was only one radio station. Not like simple radio reception and detection in the past, now the number of broadcasting stations has increased, and numerous waves from mobile phones and Bluetooth devices have filled the air, the old crystal radio seemed to be left as a memory. Stone Radio is back! We make a radio, which has been reborn as an electromagnetic detector or disaster broadcasting reception, with spider web antennas and integrated circuits.

Radio Workshop

4. Radio Age for All, it’s on me now

- transceiver and broadcast

A crystal radio is a receiver that catches radio waves and listens to broadcasts. Can’t we create a radio wave with our own voices? We’re going to do a radio broadcast. In the past, people made a transceiver like a walkie-talkie by adding a few more parts. Let’s make a transceiver with a transistor to transmit our broadcasts, and listen to them with crystal radio receivers that we’ve made so far.