HEARTBEAT is a workshop where you can assemble simple electronic components on a specially designed electronic circuit board(PCB) to express your heart rate as a blinking light. It is a device that controls the speed of light through a microcontroller chip called ATTINY85 when you read the heart rate and press the button accordingly.

The light that holds different heartbeats

Feel each other’s pulses and create a device that expresses the speed at which the heart beats with light. Through this, we share a sense of being alive, a process of observation that perceives each other’s existence, and an experience that makes digital data be created to react with light.

This kit was designed to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the 2022 Gender Equality Culture Award, which is awarded to people and organizations performing meaningful activities in their respective places, and is a variation of “Pulsebug” by Seungbum Kim, who works as Metakits and Protoroom.



  • a Custom PCB
  • a programmed ATTINY85
  • a 8pin IC socket
  • a LED
  • a resistor 10kΩ
  • a battery holder
  • a cell battery
  • a slide switch
  • a tactile switch
  • key chain parts